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Donkey Info


Donkey Vital Signs:

Normal Temperature:


Adult: 97.2-100 F    Median 98.8F

 Young: 97.8-102.1F  Median  99.6 F


Normal Pulse:

Adult; 36-68  Median 44

Young: 44-88   Median 60



Adult: 12-44  Median 20

Young: 16-48  Median 28


A young donkey is under two years old.

Median is basically what is considered to be normal range


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Rub a Donkey's Nose for Good Luck
Rubbing a donkey's nose is like being kissed by a fairy, or hearing an angel singing in your attic or favorite tree.
It is magical, it brings music to the soul, it heals and prolongs life, it brings hope and promise, it fills your heart with joy.
People who know and love donkeys know their power and their spirit.
If you rub a donkeys' nose, the angels and the fairies will swarm around you and watch out for you and yours. So remember to Rub a donkey's nose,
I know that you will like it.